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Note the spring decoration materials selection
           Home is the spring season, when many decoration companies and building materials companies have launched promotions, at the decoration, can store a lot of good building materials, save a lot of renovation costs. If the decoration in the spring, there are four main building materials purchase notice.
Tile selection mainly depends on water absorption rate
           I visited to see the building materials market, many consumers to buy tile installation, do not know what kind of material is suitable for their own home. Spring decoration designers said: buy Tiles, mainly to see the product because the spring water absorption rate, the temperature difference between day and night , so choose ceramic tile water absorption rate of the smaller is better, not easy to crack, when buying products tapping can hear the clear voice; ceramic brick structure, multi hole percussion sound is dull muddy.
Choose to paint lacquer.
           In the paint varieties selection, decoration designers, spring decoration, wood lacquer suitable choice, do not choose the best coated polyester paint, lacquer, polyester paint drying time, drying time is relatively much faster.
Selection of decorative material fireproof material is preferred
           In the selection of decorative materials, but the wet spring wind, especially in the drier northern spring is especially important, you must choose the standard decoration materials, indoor ceiling should use non fuel materials, surface, ground and grass roots should be used for non flammable materials, to minimize the risk of fire.
Selection of coatings on adhesion
           The spring air is dry, paint is not conducive to the attachment, therefore, the choice of paint, should pay attention to the adhesion performance, ensure the stability and bonding strength, and resistance to dry cracking resistance.