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How the development trend of building materials?

           (1) according to the functional requirements of building new building materials R & D building use function is with the development of society, the improvement of people's living standards and continuously enriched, from the most basic security (mainly by the performance of the structure design and structure of materials, applicable to ensure) (mainly by the performance of the architectural design and functional materials to ensure the development of many new), the function of the lightweight and high strength, seismic, high durability, non-toxic environmental protection and energy saving requirements, make the research of building materials changed from the passive to applied research to develop new direction of function, functional materials.

           (2) polymer materials are widely used in engineering properties of petroleum and chemical industry development and polymer materials itself to promote the application and development of polymer materials. Plastic pipe, plastic steel, plastic and aluminum doors and windows, resin mortar, adhesive, honeycomb insulation board, polymer coating, polymer waterproofing materials will be widely used in building, provides many new features and higher durability for buildings.
           (3) the performance of building materials to produce high performance composite single material is often limited, not enough to meet the modern architecture of the material aspects of the functional requirements. As the modern window glass functional requirements should be separated, lighting, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti condensation, decoration etc.. But the traditional single window glass in addition to lighting, separate, other functions are not satisfactory. Hollow glass is widely used in recent years, the composite made of glass, metal, rubber, inert gas and other materials, take advantage of performance of various materials, the comprehensive performance was improved obviously. According to the forecast, the scope of application of low radiation glass, hollow glass, steel and wood composite doors and windows, plastic aluminum doors and windows and building components made of composite materials and high performance concrete will continue to expand.

           (4) make full use of industrial waste and cheap raw materials for the production of materials for building applications is huge, prompting people to explore and develop new sources of building materials, in order to ensure the sustainable development of economy and society. Fly ash, slag, coal gangue, shale, phosphogypsum, tropical timber and various non-metallic minerals are promising building materials. The development of new cementitious materials, brick, block, composite plate will bring new development opportunities for building materials industry.