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Do not let the risk of home decoration materials

         In 2016, the real estate hot fever, many people buy new houses ready for decoration, as cheerful as a lark!
         The building is a house or indoor space for human production, life, work or other activities, according to the different use of the building, and is divided into civil and industrial buildings. The civil building is for people to live, work, study, entertainment and shopping buildings etc.. In civil buildings, residential apartments for the elderly, nurseries, schools, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and other class I civil buildings, shopping malls, cultural entertainment, bookstores, libraries, exhibition hall, gymnasium, public transportation waiting rooms, restaurants, barber shops for class II buildings. Building materials can be divided into the main building materials and decoration materials, decoration materials and the building is divided into indoor and outdoor decorative building materials for construction . Old people housing decoration mainly involves the class I civil construction indoor building materials, is closely related with people's lives.
         Stone mined from natural rock, after processing into building materials. Because the stone can not be copied in appearance, fire resistance, heat resistance, cold endurance, compressive properties, has become one of the indoor decoration materials and high-end popular. However, natural stone nature determines that it contains natural radioactivity. Radioactive harm of natural stone in two main aspects, namely the in vivo and in vitro radiation radiation. In vivo radiation mainly from radiation radiation decay in the air, a radioactive substance radon and the formation of the body, into the human respiratory system caused by radiation damage induced by lung cancer. In addition, radon also has a high affinity for body fat, thus affecting the nervous system, make people depressed, be sleepy straws. In vitro radiation mainly refers to the radiator direct exposure to natural stone in the human body to produce a biological effect, will cause damage on the human body's hematopoietic organs, nervous system, reproductive system and fire system.
         According to the national standard GB6566, according to the size of stone radioactive level can be divided into the main building and a total of four ABC. The main building and decoration materials using a range of restrictions; B class decoration materials material can be used for the type of civil building interior surface, but can be used for surface class II civil buildings and industrial buildings facing and all other buildings; C class decoration materials can only be used for building exterior finishes and other outdoor way; ultra C stone is prohibited for any building decoration!
         From March 2015 to March 2016, Dongdu inspection and quarantine inspection found 5628 batches of imported granite, consistent with the requirements of a main building and decoration materials of the 5441 batch of 133 batches of B accounted for 96.7%, accounted for 2.4%, 51 class C group accounted for 0.9%, and the 3 batch of super class C imported granite was returned due to exceed the standard radioactive treatment. Remind Dongdu inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the decoration of the house must conform to the requirement of the main building or buy A class decoration materials of stone, must not only consider the luxurious appearance and the B and C class stone go home with your room! Purchase stone decoration materials, more of a mind, a more alert, the future will be able to more of a peace and health. You can understand the radioactive characteristics of all kinds of stone by learning to find the formal business to buy Stone is required before produce radioactive detection report issued by professional organizations, you can also consult professionals or professional organizations, please radioactive detection.
         Stone decoration, is worth you seriously!